About Us

Weaver Companies began as a consulting group in 1991, with the goal of delivering quality work and an extraordinary client experience. To continue serving our clients, we grew into four interconnected companies, each focusing on specialized, in-demand components of environmental development, construction, and civil engineering. We strive to complete projects to our clients’ high standards, bringing a collaborative approach that maintains quality and delivers results for your multi-faceted project challenges.

Why Weaver

We employ over 500 talented individuals including many subject matter experts dedicated to service, safety, and satisfaction, and this determination has earned us the trust of our clients in the many industries we serve.

Weaver Consultants Group


  • National Footprint With Projects Completed in Over 40 States
  • Trusted Environmental Advisor in 2021 to Over 100 Organizations
  • Solid Waste Services Provided to Nearly 250 Landfills in 2021
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Landmarc Environmental Systems


  • Over 435 Gas Extraction Wells, Totaling About 70,000 Vertical Feet, Drilled in 2022
  • 170 Miles of HDPE and PVC Pipe Installed in 2022
  • Multiple Wells Installed at a Depth Greater Than 251 Vertical Feet
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Anchor Construction


  • Varco Pruden 2019 National Community Builder Award Winner
  • Nearly 1,000,000 sq ft of building constructed in 2019
  • Varco Pruden 2019 Buildings Hall of Fame Recipient
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Sligo Systems


  • Visual Compliance Monitoring Systems Capturing Data at Over 115 Landfills
  • Control Systems Actively Monitoring Nearly 750 Industrial Devices and Approximately 20,000 Unique Data Points
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Work with Weaver

Weaver Companies is more than high-caliber work; we foster a rewarding, challenging work environment where employees can continue advancing in their field.

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